It is no longer a matter of IT, it is a matter of Strategy!

Outsourcing part of your business means delegating great responsibility and putting your future in someone else’s hands. Outsourcing IT is not about completing IT task, creating IT infrastructure or a tool. It is about helping you create a strategic platform that enables your business to grow. Synsoft is aware of all this and thus approaches to each new project in an exclusive way, respecting all the uniqueness of Client’s business. We put our greatest effort in understanding Client’s specific needs and deliver a fully customized solution that corresponds entirely to its strategic objectives.

It is not getting the job done, it is about getting it done right!

Synsoft does not aim to finish the project according to its specification, but to achieve complete Client’s satisfaction. As an evidence to that, all of our project-based Clients became our long term Partners. For us, this is our greatest success.

Synsoft secret: why our Clients always come for more?

√ We are skilled and know how.

Synsoft team consists of skilled, highly professional experts in Java Development guaranteeing you the best of solution and impeccable after-sales and trouble-shooting services. Our proven developers fully dedicate to each client in order to understand its needs, propose a unique solution and assure its on time delivery.

√ We provide latest-technology solutions.

Technology is transforming at a rapid rate and you need to know what might be useful before your competitors do. We bypass this challenge for you by assessing your needs’ innovation potential and assuring that you get a tailor-made solution based on latest-technologies.

√ We are cost-efficient.

When you outsource, you eliminate the costs associated with hiring an employee and can save 20-30% on overall IT infrastructure costs. However, you will downsize relative IT costs even more since Synsoft provides only customized strategic solutions, made to assure you a constant ROI over time.

√ We liberate your internal resources for other purposes.

Because we know that your time is more precious than ever, working with us means that you can fully focus on your business and clients, redirect your employees and capital funds into other tasks and peacefully leave the IT issues to us.

We will provide you with tools to monitor and control work in progress so you could be involved and up-to-dated as much as you want and need to.

√ We take all the risk.

Because we are professional outsourced IT providers, handling multiple clients, we keep up on industry best practices and we know what is right for you – thus, the risk of implementing a costly wrong decision does not exist.

We guarantee our clients to act immediately in the event of the crises meaning that we take fully legal responsibility for the quality of our work and therefore eliminate any risk of a solution-failure for you.

√ We constantly care.

Once you are fully satisfied with the result and consider the project completed, for us the work continues. Our online help center assures you full 24/7 supports and out training center facilitates the transition to new system for your staff.