Our vision

To serve as a source for business development by providing innovative, creative, proactive and high-quality IT solutions to our clients.

Our purpose

As a confirmed software development company Synsoft delivers innovative and ready-to-use software solutions to its clients in order to improve their efficiency, to anticipate market changes and to create strategic advances. Building its experience as an outsourcing company, Synsoft possesses the optimal combination of local-market knowledge as well as of the global driven best practices. Also, Synsoft adds value to its client by using the latest up-to-date technologies in creating customized response to clients’ needs: Java Enterprise Edition, JSF, Hibernate, Application Servers (JBoss, Glassfish), Oracle 10g.

Our values

Client satisfaction

We are proudly designed as a client-centric organization and each of our activities is dedicated to our clients’ satisfaction. Instead of project-based cooperation, we prefer to build long-term strategic and synergic relationships with our clients.


In our company innovation is regarded as a core value. We stimulate our employees to be creative, to think out-of –the-box and to pioneer solutions that would improve performances of our clients.


We consider our human capital as key to our success and due to that, the largest portion of our investments is made in this direction. Our team is a carefully selected mix of confirmed engineers, who gain their experience around the globe, and of fresh graduates, dynamic and full with new ideas.


Our corporate culture is such that teamwork and synergetic effects that it produces are seen as a value of high importance, if not an imperative.


Being aware of the fact that all of our clients are not familiar with the complex technologies we use in creation of our final product, we are putting great effort in presenting our solutions in an user-friendly environment, which enables fast adjustment even to the most basic users.